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How taking a Personal Development Course has Changed my Life? | 10 Lessons Which You Need to Know

  “It is not just doing things but how you think about what you do and what you believe about what you do.” As a person who is always seeking means for productive learning sources; opportunities in every possible experience and struggling to improve her vision to make future more realistic and possibly beautiful by becoming best of her version, this course of Personal Development has really enabled me to identify my strengths, align my thoughts properly and taught me to utilize them in the positively best manner. Although it would be not easy to just state ten things, as I’ve learned more than that and majority of the things have even become subconscious practice of my routine by now. However, the most important lessons which I find highly valuable till date and intend to treasure forever in my life are following:   1.       Choose Your Lens Wisely  “Wear the red lens and you will see the world red despite every colour in it. Similarly, wear the negative lens and you will see the

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